Critical update

My computer is being plagued by my applications’ pleas for “critical updates” to their software. I’ll be in the middle of writing a sentence (like this one) and up will pop a “critical update” message from Word or some other application that clearly doesn’t just reside on my desktop but wanders the internet searching for a better version of itself.

Is something “critical” just because it pops up, flashing, while you’re doing something else?

In church last Sunday, one of our high school youth group members was reporting on a trip they took to Native American lands in the Black Hills. She said at first the most difficult thing was the lack of instant connection … no cell phones, no televisions, no internet. She would hike to the top of a hill, revel in her accomplishment and the view, and the first thing she thought was “I have to share this with my friends.” Then she’d remember she didn’t have any way to do so. She said she realized that she didn’t need her friends’ affirmation to know that she’d done something special. She’d done it for herself, and that was enough.

Are you looking outside yourself for critical updates and affirmation? What have you done for yourself lately that is just for yourself, that doesn’t need to be broadcast or submitted for approval? Take care of yourself first, allow yourself to discern what’s truly critical … and what’s just an annoying pop-up distraction.

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