Thirty Seconds

Lake IsabellaThis weekend we drove to central Michigan to spend some quality boating time with our nephew and his family. It should have taken about two and a half hours to get from our house to theirs … but we ran into a huge traffic jam that turned our delightful jaunt across the state to a four-hour-long ordeal. The kids were cranky, the adults were cranky … you know how it goes. We did finally make it, and I snapped the photo above to prove it.

I used my traffic-jam time to write the 30-second radio ad for Fog City Psychic that will begin to air on Transformation Talk Radio in the next few weeks. How hard can it be to write a 30-second commercial? It’s not easy. Thirty seconds goes by pretty fast, and you have to get your message out in a way that will catch people’s attention … and make them remember you.

As we inched along the freeway, I tried various things but nothing sounded right, and the ad was coming out way too long. I realized I’d have to strip it down to the bare bones to have any hope of fitting the 30-second timeslot.

What is the essence of what I do? If I have only 30 seconds of your time, what can I say to convince you to check out my website or remember my name?

Spending time on the water has always been profoundly healing for me. As we floated on the lake last night, sharing good food and funny stories and enjoying the scenery, I think I figured something out. Being on the water has a way of stripping things down to their essence. All that’s required is to float, breathe, laugh, look. You’re being carried in the current, at one with the flow.

That’s how I feel when I’m connecting with people to help them get Spirit-led guidance about their paths. I’m being carried by Source, and am in the flow of that channeled information and guidance. So that’s the feeling I tried to convey in the 30-second spot I recorded.

You can listen to the ad below. It’s a rough track … no music yet … but you get the idea. Let me know what you think.

Fog City Psychic radio spot: rough track